Uno Memento, Ahem, loI am Venting. I am building an eCommerce Site from Scratch, independently and I have not been round CODE since from back in tha day when I knew VISUAL BASIC, when we actually were REQUIRED to type in long-ass Stings and Literals, etc, Nested AS If Statements… Aye Aye Aye. When I left Advanced Technical Support, I swore off Technology for a Longtime. Guess the time has come, I return… This is my least favorite thing in the world. I can do it, I am a “Creative” type… And Expression, and Art. The Gusto in Life is what I love… That is REAL LIFE. ADMINS/HACKERS?CODERS/DEVELOPERS, my hat(s) – cause I have worn too many to recall… IS OFF TO YOU GUYS- I would go nuts. I’d end up on the NEWS, like some type of Wacko, grabbing crotches or something, lol… Sorry, its an “ism” I hate Men with a sense of ENTITLEMENT, I know this is a rant but, its healthy for me and this is my site So :p… I have worked around the “Elite” or the more of what I perceive as Emotionally Sterile and Extremely ed of any “horse – sense”. I do not kiss ass… I am not impressed with DOLLARS and CENTS… I kiss no ‘ARSE’ and Tolerate little to 0 BS 99.9899% of the time. If I do its because, I have better laid plans, bah-aha. I’ll getcha sucka, I’ll convince you to do ur worst, catch ya with ya Pants Down… I’ll serve you up PROPER, if Ya get on the bad side, her name is “BEATRICE” aka Betcha.. lol, in ya face, with documentation. IDK who tha’ hell someone is. No Damn Person especially an Adult Child that was ascribed Highbrow opportunities, not even a third of the common populace is afforded. Still, He is Where He Is because of these reasons, he took advantage like any smug bastard would and Paid his Way into Executive Office… I see Right Through You, CAPTAIN CHUNK. This is My Vibe and I gotta vent the pent up frustration… I’m just trying to improve… Be a light and let people know they are Not Alone. Ya Know? Please do COMMENT and Participate… Expression is OUR Sweetest Freedom in this Fraudulent Bankrupt Country. We AR all just #folks and SOME Folks got different Strokes. Speak Your Mind. Exercise Your RIGHTS. Know Them, Be Them, For the Pride of Today and Hope for Tomorrow, Express Yourselves… I am a compassionate Passionate Lion in the Winter when necessary, You keep your claws and fangs out of my way, I might think of staying out of your way.

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