The Journey Begins

Like good music at work 🤘  and good company when your off… You, are the flavor and the divine vibe. Than you for joining in. It means a lot 👊


Author: Style Siren

I'm Kat. Assistant buyer for DOOM GENERATION and a Fashion Entrepreneur in HTX. My #htown baby. I am very proud of my roots. I'm a former fashion model. I did do Runway and had multiple legitimate opportunities in the Entertainment Industry;, my passions are Creativity and People. I am here to facilitate chaos among us. From this, I truly believe we can All learn something from each other. #soloprenruer

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. I begin today with a very very widdle step of simplicity. Focusing on the task at hand. Getting out of bed. As easy as it sounds. It is not for some of us.
    I have to try. Yes, everyone is different. We are all different. If we were all alike life would be very boring.
    However different we all are we all have *1 thing in common. We are all humans. We all have to accept one another. Why not UNITE? Isn’t this the entire point of this country? The point of the Federalist Papers, the backbone of the constitution?

    Has the ego of this country gotten so large it has forgotten its purpose?


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