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This is my Work In Progress. I’m Working on the Site. I’m not feeling 100%. I am going at a slower pace than I’d planned at the moment.

A sigh., Even Bigger Sigh of Frustration.

It stinks, really stinks…. I’m trying to accept my reality & limitations. It’s a hardcore struggle when I have so much I want to accomplish & to have several health issues | in addition to spinal injuries. I suppose being ambitious can be a downfall…?

On the other hand it would be extremely easy to just give up. I have seen | witnessed a lot of people do just that.


Author: Style Siren

I'm Kat. Assistant buyer for DOOM GENERATION and a Fashion Entrepreneur in HTX. My #htown baby. I am very proud of my roots. I'm a former fashion model. I did do Runway and had multiple legitimate opportunities in the Entertainment Industry;, my passions are Creativity and People. I am here to facilitate chaos among us. From this, I truly believe we can All learn something from each other. #soloprenruer

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